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Professional Projects

Spoon & Driver

Magical Surrealism Sketch Comedy.

I put the 'Spoon' in 'Spoon & Driver'. I create, write, direct, and edit all our sketches. We're currently writing a sitcom as we acquire funds to start production.

Spoon and Driver-03_2x_edited.png
Lame Film School_2x_edited.png
Djukapalana D_2x_edited.png


The 'D' is Silent.

noun. (joo-kappa-la-na)
An ongoing and upcoming game and lifestyle project.

Lame Film School

Two film graduates talk and teach film stuff.

Dissatisfied with the educational system surrounding film, Lucas and I decided to start a podcast to inspire and educate a community of young and upcoming filmmakers.
Fractured by lockdowns, we're on a temporary hiatus.
All episodes are available to listen on all major podcast platforms!

Kingston Film Festival

Students and Beyond.

In the Summer of 2020, just as the UK's first lockdown began easing, I and five others had the idea for a local and international film festival. Three months later we hosted an overwhelmingly successful online festival event and we're still going strong.

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