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I help you make your things good

£60 per hour.

I can teach you how to learn more effectively and become more mindful.

I care about helping people to realise their creative vision. Whether that's your next article, book, script, film, edit, Instagram post design, I'm all ears.

I specialise in working with neurodiverse folk, students, and upcoming talent.

My name is James Goodchild, but you can call me Jim or Jimmy. 

I'm a qualified teacher and filmmaker who specialises in visual storytelling and execution.

I charge £60 per hour for consultation; all sessions are 1 hour.

If you have a lot to explain, you can save money by putting together a document for me.

Expect to pay an additional £10 per 1000 words, or £60 for 60 screenplay pages.

I also offer student discount of £35, so let me know if that's applicable for you when you book and bring along your student ID.

If you support me on Ko-Fi, then you can claim your payments

I’m happy to sign an NDA if you’re interested in protecting your work.

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