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Hi, I'm James.

Within Film, my passion lies in writing and directing. Professionally, I tend to focus on post-production as it's something I've practised in for nearly two decades.

When I was about 7 years old my Dad let me use his new Hi-8 Sony Handycam. I was hooked. Shortly after I started using it, at a computer fair, I found a thick manual and disc loaded with Adobe Premiere Pro 1.0. Wanting to find a use for all the 'fantastic' footage I'd captured, I asked my Dad for the manual and a FireWire cable. For the next week, I was either nose deep in the manual or staring sharply at the family PC screen. I soon found out about Photoshop, 'Flash'—now Animate, After Effects, and Dreamweaver. As I write this I've been using Premiere Pro and Photoshop for 19 years, Animate on-and-off for about the same, After Effects for roughly 15 years, Audition for about 5. While I'm not yet an Adobe Certified Expert (ACE), according to LinkedIn's diagnostic tools, I'm in the top 5% of skilled Adobe Creative Suite professionals. Outside of the Adobe Creative Suite, I'm certified with DaVinci Resolve.

I'm always working on something, whether that's a new sketch I'm writing, a business idea, or just something plain silly. If you'd like to see a rundown of some of my past, present, and planned projects then you'll be able to find those on my 'Projects' page. I'm always looking for new opportunities and I love collaborating with others to realise the creative potential of an idea—or just for a chat and a coffee!

Day-to-day, I work as Sixth-Form Teacher and Film Technician. I hope to soon further study Philosophy and Cognitive Sciences with a focus on visual perception and metacognition.

Outside of film and work, I love to be outdoors and active. I regularly frequent my local climbing wall, practice yoga, cycle, run, longboard, and kayak—primarily. Basically, anything else I can get do with people, for fun, outdoors. I've been known to dabble in the occasional skydive too; I'm currently saving to complete my license.

I'm also an avid lover of board games. Currently, I've been playing a lot of 'Coup', which I cannot recommend highly enough.


Skills & Accomplishments


June 2020–Current


Kingston Film Festival

I am one of six initial founders of Kingston Film Festival (KFF). I primarily manage design—brand identity, motion-graphics, web design.

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February 2020—August 2022

Film Technician

Esher Sixth Form College

I am primarily responsible for the handling and management of our growing equipment stockroom, available to students.
I also create and run workshops covering the entire range of filmmaking as well as providing detailed one-to-one support.

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September 2020—Current

Teacher of Media & Film

Esher Sixth Form College

I teach single and double award BTEC Creative Media, A-Level Film Studies, as well as two 'Complementary Study' courses of my own design: 'Post-Production & VFX' and 'Creative Visual Storytelling'.

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